What's New? Working in a Convergent Lanscape.

Convergence is coming here and you had better be ready.

Convergence is here. It is time for us to get our heads out of the old hole of the old media model and look to the future...well the now. It is time to produce spectacular content that can operate in this new environment.

Convergence is harder than it sounds.

For us new media practitioners that grew up in an increasingly convergent world, I’m sure it will be easier for us than anyone else. The digital age has taught us that the world is more connected than most people think. Sure convergence is hard, but we are in a much better position to jump on-board the convergence bandwagon than anyone else. We are perfect for it. Why? It’s because we’ve lived and are living as a part of it.

The ‘New’ Media Model. Surviving in a Convergent World.

Being a media practitioner in today’s media landscape is more challenging than ever; however, with the evolution of this media landscape also comes new and endless possibilities. We are able to create ever more engaging stories and entertainment experiences because the media industry has moved from a fragmented self-contained model to one that is free flowing and ultimately social for both creators and consumers.

“Popular artists...have realized that they can surf this new economic imperative to produce more ambitious and challenging works.” We are operating in a world where “a more collaborative model of authorship” is the norm.

The industry is speeding toward convergence, we have to keep up or we’ll be left behind in utter irrelevance.

“‘Distinction between authors and readers, producers and spectators, creators and interpreters will blend’ to form a ‘circuit’ of expression, with each participant working to ‘sustain the activity’ of others.”