There are some genres that are known by many to lends themselves to be successful transmedia works, purely because of their content. These genres are science fiction and fantasy and any sub-genre of these. beActive’s Nuno Bernardo explains that with his transmedia project Collider, they are "building a storyworld". He goes on to say: "There will be comic books that take fans further into the back story and digital games that are synched with the TV series. The beauty of the sci-fi genre is that it lends itself to this." (

Emma Beddows responded to the question of whether these genres really do lend themselves to be successful transmedia works and why that is so. She explained how these genres are not based in reality and are therefore not constrained by the limitations of this world - physically, morally or otherwise. As there are an infinite amount of possibilities, the characters and narrative within this story and storyworld could go in any direction. These directions may be constructed in such a way that it would be better watched in a film, or as an episodic web series, or played in a video game, and so on and so forth. Therefore, stories with science fiction and fantasy genres really open themselves up to becoming transmediated.

This is not to say that other genres cannot use transmedia or crossmedia as methods of storytelling. CSI is an example of a crime/mystery fictional story that is set in the present day within a very real, American environment.